Experience The New Way Of Writing & Drawing! (Pre-Order Below)

Created by CurvaPen Inc.

The moment you take off its cap, it is immediately evident that Curva Pen isn’t your typical ink pen and that it has an interesting story to tell. There is no similar writing instrument in the market today. Curva Pen is a patented new elegant way to more controlled and comfortable writing and drawing. On top of all that, it is fun to use and you will be hooked! (Estimated shipping date December 2022)

Latest Updates from Our Project:

7 days!!
5 months ago – Thu, Jun 23, 2022 at 04:25:27 AM

Hello Curva Pen Community,

We are down to the last week of our campaign. We can’t thank you enough for your support in backing our campaign by preordering your Curva Pens. We have over 300% of our funded goal. There's still time for others to get in on Curva Pen. Please continue to support our campaign by sharing it with people you know. We want to get this tool into the creative hands of people around the world. Curva Pen hopes to inspire a new generation of creatives, designers, journalists and more to put their great ideas to paper once again. 

 Please check out this cool campaign we love!

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What A Week!
6 months ago – Sat, Jun 18, 2022 at 03:31:06 PM

Dear Supporters,

What an AMAZING first week - thank you all so much for supporting Curva Pen.

We are so excited to answer some FAQs, encourage you to share the campaign, and announce some BIG news about our NEW color option.

Introducing Blue Ink Color

The big news: we are introducing a second ink color as our $150k stretch goal.

 Additional ink color of blue will be available once we reach $150k!

We have heard your feedback on wanting another ink color option, and we are so happy to introduce our newest ink color, BLUE.  This color will be available only when we reach the $150k stretch goal, so get to sharing the campaign if you'd like to order it!!

Once the campaign ends in just 20 days, you will have the opportunity to select both your ink color and pen body color during the post-backer survey.

Please check the FAQ section of our page. We have answered a lot of commonly asked questions there. Also, if you haven't scrolled down already, check out our testimonials towards the bottom of the campaign page. See what people are saying and how they are reacting to Curva Pen


We still have three weeks to go in the campaign, so please share the page with friends and keep your questions and comments coming. We are so pleased to be getting closer and closer to getting Curva Pen into the creative hands of our first backers.

Thank you for backing our campaign!!
6 months ago – Thu, Jun 09, 2022 at 07:17:07 PM

Dear Backers,

I'm so excited to announce that we have reached our goal in just 12 hours on the first day. We’re blown away! 

Funded in 12hrs

Thanks to all of you for the love and support of our campaign. I can't wait for you to experience Curva Pen yourselves.

Welcome to the Curva Pen Community!!  Let’s continue to grow this community by sharing our project. Curva Pen can be beneficial to so many people, if they only knew about it.

Additional orders will motivate the manufacturer to take us seriously and get us to production sooner. The larger the order, the more appealing we are to the manufacturer as a company that has high demand for our product. So please continue to share our campaign.

Thanks again!